Since 2008 Audiozen designs and manufactures instruments for the best listening enjoyment to the musical event. Audiozen products are proudly made in Italy.

For Audiozen the sound event must be performed as realistic as possible: a vision of its own approach to high fidelity, where passion and innovation have their meeting point.

Awareness changes things

Audiozen is real Italian craftsmanship

every assembly step of Audiozen High-End products is taken in the better way to make them yours

Audiozen - made in Italy tradition and innovation in high-end


Audiozen products are proudly handcrafted in Italy to the highest quality standards.  Audiozen Hi-Fi products have 3 years warranty.

Separate PSU

Audiozen Embrace - Separate power supply unit (the other half)

Audiozen products (except power amplifiers) are equipped with a separate Power Supply Unit, to ensure the best signal-to-noise ratio and excellent sonic performances.

Si-C mosfet


Audiozen’ Yin & Yang, P-Stone and Embrace are the world’s only audio amplifiers equipped with silicon carbide (Si-C) Mosfets, new semiconductors with cutting-edge technical and sonic characteristics.

nos tubes

Audiozen Insight - Perspex cover and NOS tubes

We use only NOS (New Old Stock) tubes.
These tubes, manufactured from the sixties to the seventies, are never used and their characteristics are far superior if compared with modern tubes.

precious details

Audiozen Neuphono - Perspex cover, NOS tubes and CSA series ClarityCap capacitors

Every single detail is designed to achieve the best performance. For its creations Audiozen has chosen ClarityCap polypropylene capacitors, ALPS potentiometers, relays and connectors of industrial derivation.

wooden crates

Audiozen ships its creations all over the world in sturdy wooden boxes, covered with soundproofing material of adequate thickness. This guarantees the integrity of the precious contents.


September 2023 - Audiozen IO
IO is Audiozen's FETs MM phono preamplifier, equipped with its own separate power supply unit
January 2023 - Si-C Mosfets on Audiozen Embrace
The new power stage for Embrace is now equipped with innovative and stunning-sounding Si-C Mosfets
September 2022 - Audiozen Abraxas
Abraxas is the DAC of choice for the discerning audiophile
September 2021 - Audiozen Yin - Yang
Yin and Yang are the truly charismatic monaural power amps handcrafted in Italy by Audiozen with unparalleled features such as specular design, new sophisticated Si-C power mosfets and dual power supply stage
Yin - Yang

The new Audiozen Embrace hugging amplifier reviewed by Terry Ellis – Pursuit Perfect System

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