Massimo by Audiozen - Direct drive turntable with separate power supply unit

Audiozen Members Club

Audiozen Members Club is the first exclusive virtual place dedicated by Audiozen to those who own the products of the brand.

Audiozen Members Club was established on Telegram, an instant messaging app with better privacy controls than similar apps.

The purpose of the Club is to create an environment of aggregation where you can exchange opinions, advice and ideas on the best use of Audiozen products.

The Club is unique in its kind because it was created and officially managed by Audiozen, with the spirit of innovation in the communication between owners and fans of Audiozen creations.

The Club is therefore bivalent, as possible suggestions about updates or improvements can be submitted by the Members to Audiozen at any time.

The Club is also open to those who want information, to those who are curious about Audiozen creations.

The owners of Audiozen products, rather those who want genuine informations from those who already own devices of the brand, can access the Club on Telegram through the following link:

Audiozen Yin - Yang specular design
Audiozen Insight 2024 - Hybrid FET/tube preamp equipped with separate power supply unit
Massimo by Audiozen equipped with Origin Live tonearm
Audiozen Embrace - Hybrid hugging amplifier with separate power supply unit

Whether you are interested about products, features, pricing, or anything else, Audiozen’ team is ready to answer all your questions.