Audiozen Embrace - Aquarius - Separate power supply unit

Separate Power Supply Unit

In 1987 Sting sang that history will teach us nothing, a bitter refrain referred to human beings; in Hi-Fi it is not so and in the last decades sonic performances are dramatically improved. Today Hi-Fi manufacturers take care of every single detail in designing an enjoyable audio device, but few of them dedicate the right attention to power supply.

An audio circuit (preamplifier, power stage, phono preamplifier, etc.) can be designed carefully and with great skillfulness but without a well projected power supply all is vain.

Audiozen, from its beginnings, had a different approach, designing for every product a separate power supply unit.
For example, Embrace and Aquarius separate power supply units are equipped with three toroidal transformers and all the electronic circuits needed: such deployment of high quality components is one of the main causes of the outstanding sonic performances of these amplifiers.

Keep power supply circuits separated from the audio circuits ensure the best signal-to-noise ratio and the musical event will be played in a most realistic way.

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