Audiozen Insight 2024 - Particolare dello stadio a valvole: in primo piano le valvole NOS e ai lati i prestigiosi condensatori ClarityCap serie CSA

NOS tubes

NOS stands for New Old Stock: new tubes but from inventories

There was a golden era of tube production, between the forties and the seventies of the last century, when tubes were manufactured with extreme carefulness and accuracy.

In the video you can see how tubes were assembled in 1938 at FIVRE, an Italian company specialized in the production of these products.

At the beginnings of the seventies, with the diffusion of transistors and of all new silicon based solid state components, tubes production almost ended and today only few companies based in Russia and China dedicated their activity to tubes production.
It seems paradoxical but modern tubes are manufactured with lower standards compared to the past, so Audiozen decided to equip its products with New Old Stock (NOS) tubes: these are tubes manufactured specifically in the seventies, they are never used and their characteristics are far superior compared to modern tubes.

Audiozen chooses fine tubes manufactured by the best brands of that time (RFT, RCA, General Electric, etc.) through trusted suppliers worldwide.
Audiozen decided to give you the best sounding product and it would be a non-sense assembling an Audiozen Hi-Fi product with a modern tube, just to let the customer change it after for a better sounding NOS tube…

NOS tube has an higher cost compared to a modern tube, this is one of the many reasons why Audiozen products have an amazing value for money.

Audiozen Neuphono - Perspex cover, NOS tubes and polypropylene capacitors
Audiozen Embrace - Hybrid hugging amplifier with separate power supply unit