Audiozen Aquarius - Emotion amplifier

Aquarius – Emotion amplifier

Aquarius is the Audiozen emotion amplifier designed for optimum performance at an excellent price / quality ratio

the concept

We receive frequent requests for an integrated amplifier without the vu-meters and also equipped with a power stage featuring less power (70 Watts per channel @ 8 Ω) than our Embrace (100 Watts per channel @ 8 Ω).
From listening to your needs, an opportunity was born: we created Aquarius.

Aquarius, instead of being the “younger” brother of the Embrace, it is the opportunity offered by Audiozen to be able to get hold of a unique integrated amplifier on the market in its price range and beyond.

Audiozen Aquarius - Emotion amplifier
Audiozen Aquarius - Rear panel connections


Aquarius shares with Embrace the preamplifier section, equipped with a pair of NOS tube, and the power stage, which uses the excellent Silicon Carbide (Si-C) mosfets.

Separate power supply unit can rely on no less than three generous toroidal transformers: a pair dedicated to the preamp section and the third, centrally located for proper weight distribution, to supply the power stage capable of delivering 70 watts per channel @ 8 Ω.

Four prestigious ClarityCap ESA series polypropylene capacitors (two per channel) decouple the audio signal to achieve, together with ECC82 (12AU7) NOS tubes and Si-C mosfets, amazing performance both in sonic  result and in relation to the list price, which is lower than the Embrace.

Unique even more because of the choice to make the Italian character of this handcrafted creation recognizable, not only through the transparent cover that highlights its painstaking internal engineering, but also because of the choice to equip the Aquarius with writing in Italian: at present it is the only creation on the high-end audio market with such that peculiarity.

Turning on the tube section and the power stage is manageable by switching the aluminum knob located on the separate power supply unit: from inside the Aquarius main unit, through the transparent perspex cover, a warm red light shows its operation.

Sonic result is stunning: tubes’ warm nuances are amplified with extreme realism by the silicon carbide mosfets. Forget low-frequency tails, confusion, listening fatigue: here everything is solidly in place, with a sound endowed with great transparency, proverbial low-frequency control, for listening that is never fatiguing.

Aquarius has a modern, ergonomic remote control for volume control; on rear panel two pairs of rugged rhodium-plated binding posts ensure a perfect connection to speaker cables, whether they are stripped or terminated with banana plugs or spades.

8 mm thick solid wood sides, aluminum knobs and front panels, sturdy RCA connectors: all of that complete an Audiozen creation conceived, despite the price, without compromises.

Aquarius was born to amplify your emotions, was developed to exceed your expectations, is as unique as those who choose it: it is an opportunity.

si-c mosfet

Audiozen Embrace power stage equipped with new Silicon Carbide (Si-C) Mosfets

Silicon carbide (Si-C), is a semiconductor containing silicon and carbon. Si-C Mosfet is synonymous of reliability and power, and it can get its best qualities when implemented in a well designed power stage, with unrivalled speed, transparency and control.

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NOS tubes

Audiozen Aquarius - Transparent perspex cover

Audiozen chooses fine tubes manufactured by the best brands of that time through trusted suppliers worldwide.

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separate psu

An audio circuit (preamplifier, power stage, phono preamplifier, etc.) can be designed carefully and with great skillfulness but without a well projected power supply all is vain.

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A volte le parole non bastano. E allora servono i colori. E le forme. E le note. E le emozioni.
Alessandro Baricco
Il tuo intelletto può confonderti, ma le tue emozioni non ti mentiranno mai
Roger Ebert
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Lucio Battisti
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Mi piace la regola che corregge l’emozione. Mi piace l’emozione che corregge la regola
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L’emozione sorge laddove corpo e mente si incontrano
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Audiozen Aquarius

emotion amplifier
  • Power output @ 8Ω - 4Ω: 70 - 120 W per channel in class AB
  • Frequency response: 20 - 50000 Hz +/- 3 dB
  • Input impedance: 100 KΩ
  • NOS tubes: 2 x ECC82 (or equivalent)
  • Line inputs: 4 x RCA
  • Remote control: included
  • Available finishes: silver & black
  • Main unit dimensions and weight: 348x138x295mm (WxHxD) – 5,3 Kg.
  • PSU dimensions and weight: 348x98x245mm (WxHxD) – 6,5 Kg.