Audiozen P-Stone I - Power amplifier endowed with intense personality
Audiozen P-Stone I - The "B" side is also worth looking at

P-Stone I – Power amp with intense personality

P-Stone I is the power amplifier endowed with intense personality: dual mono, Si-C mosfets on power stages, audio grade transformers, all-aluminum cabinet, and a unique aesthetic design.

the concept

While LPs covers initially featured photos of the singers or groups, over time their design was often entrusted to artists or graphic design studios, thus merging the poetry of music with the art of images. Some of the obtained results would become icons in the history of discography over the years, because the cover art also became art, sometimes merging with the messages contained in the songs. This was also because of the large surface area available on a record cover, not certainly a pocket size.

Designing P-Stone I, an evolution of the previous and acclaimed P-Stone manufactured in 2021, at Audiozen we started from a similar approach: entrusting a graphic design studio for the customization of this new creation, to merge the technology of a power stage, the cleanliness of the aluminum that surrounds it, with the art of external graphics. There were no space problems again, due to the volume occupied by internal devices, and the drop of water can be both cause and effect of the sound wave, in a continuous cycle from the front to the back panel and vice versa.

Technology and innovation,  the pair of toroidal transformers, along with the clean assembly will always be visible through the transparent perspex cover.

We don’t presume to think that P-Stone I will go down in history for this new design, but allow us to claim that we are the first to go for this great little evolution of ours.

Audiozen P-Stone I - Power amplifier endowed with intense personality
Audiozen P-Stone I - The "B" side personality


P-Stone I power stages are almost the same of the previous P-Stone, but internal layout has been totally re-engineered (cabinet is now 10 cm narrower than P-Stone), and electronic components were further selected.

P-Stone I is a Dual Mono power amplifier, it is equipped with a pair of fine Audio Grade toroidal transformers of 300 VA each mae by Polish Toroidy. Compared to commercial transformers, the Audio Grade range is manufactured with higher standards: core and windings are impregnated, and the production process is being scrupulously controlled at every step. Additional internal shield prevents electrical and electromagnetic issues, and center hole is filled with resin for easy assembly eliminating the need for an additional mounting bracket.

Power stages are equipped with 4 Silicon Carbide Mosfets per channel: their current delivery capability, speed and transparency is well known, you can read more about Si-C Mosfets here.
Si-C Mosfets are class AB biased, power circuit is DC coupled with no capacitors along audio signal path.
All other semiconductors are manufactured by ON Semiconductor, polyester capacitors are Wima red series and electrolytics capacitors are made by Panasonic and Vishay.

Stainless steel stylish switch (with an elegant crown lit when switched on) on the front panel switches a professional relay which supplies voltage to all internal circuits.

Loudspeaker connectors are rhodium-plated and accept banana plugs, spades or stripped wire.
Power socket is manufactured in Germany by Schurter.

The ingredients for a great result are all there: you will find dynamics, control, transparency, speed, for a listening experience full of vitality and details.

So if you have come this far, we hope that the drop of curiosity will prompt you to contact us.

Audiozen P-Stone I - Internal LED backlighting and power switch with lit circular crown
Audiozen P-Stone I - Switched on internal layout detail

Graphic design: Adriana Tomasello @ Laser Line Italia
Digital editing: Francesco Cusimano

Si-C Mosfet

Si-C Mosfet 2
Audiozen P-Stone I - Internal layout detail: Si-C Mosfets, MOX antinductive resistors, Wima red capacitors and Toroidy audio grade toroidal transformers

Silicon carbide (Si-C) is a semiconductor containing silicon and carbon.

The key features and benefits of Si-C mosfets include:

  • Very high temperature handling capability leading to simplified thermal management as well as improved system reliability;
  • Significantly minimal variation versus temperature resulting in more compact designs (smaller heatsinks);
  • Higher system efficiency.

The Si-C Mosfet is synonymous of reliability and power, and it can get its best qualities when implemented in a well designed power stage, with unrivalled speed, transparency and control.

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Audiozen P-Stone I - Power amplifier endowed with intense personality
Audiozen P-Stone I - Power amplifier endowed with intense personality
Everything that I have from Audiozen is sounding spectacular. The combination of the Insight and P-Stone has made my speakers sound amazing. I cannot say enough good things about what you have built! Audiozen is truly a gem in my music system.

Audiozen P-Stone I

real enjoyment dual mono power amplifier
  • Power output @ 8Ω - 4Ω: 150 - 300 W in class AB
  • Power Si-C Mosfets: 4 x SiC FET 2 per channel
  • Sensitivity / Input impedance: 1 V / 100 KΩ
  • Frequency response: 5 - 150000 Hz +/- 3 dB
  • Toroidal transformers: 2 x 300 Watts
  • Transparent perspex cover
  • Available finishes: silver & black
  • Dimensions and weight: 350x185x415mm (WxHxD) – 16,3 Kg.
Si-C mosfets