Audiozen Tredici - Tube preamplifier

Tredici – Tube preamplifier

2008 - 2021: the first thirteen years of Audiozen, invested in the research of pure listening pleasure. Tredici is the proof of this continuous commitment

concept & features

The preamplifier for our thirteenth anniversary: since 2008 Audiozen has been continuously growing, making itself appreciated by the world of audio enthusiasts especially for its reliability and the very high quality/price ratio.

Tredici is a preamplifier designed around two NOS tubes, a pair of ECC82, each connected in totem pole, and equipped, on the input and output of the audio signal, with prestigious ClarityCap CSA series capacitors.

ClarityCap CSA series incorporates exclusive CopperConnect technology that dramatically reduces resistance in the signal path and capacitor ESR to achieve new levels of audio performance. These excellent polypropylene capacitors, never before used on electronics in this price range, help make Tredici a reference preamplifier.

A strip of red leds, placed at the base of the preamplifier under the printed circuit board, illuminate the inside of the cabinet creating a very pleasant visual effect.

Audiozen pays great attention to the power supply stage which, also in the case of the Tredici, is contained in a separate chassis: inside there are two oversized toroidal transformers and the leveling and stabilizing circuits for the delicate tubes.

The connection between the separate power supply unit and the main unit is ensured by industrial connectors, which can handle much higher currents than those required by the preamplifier.

Tredici comes with a convenient remote control for volume management.

8 mm thick solid wood sides, solid machined aluminum knobs, 10 mm thick aluminum front panel, first class RCA connectors, stainless steel power button: all of that complete an Audiozen creation conceived, despite the price, without compromises.

Audiozen Tredici - Tube preamplifier with separate power supply unit and remote control
Audiozen Tredici - Main unit rear panel and separate power supply unit

separate psu

Audiozen Tredici - Tube preamplifier with separate power supply unit

An audio circuit (preamplifier, power stage, phono preamplifier, etc.) can be designed carefully and with great skillfulness but without a well projected power supply all is vain.

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NOS tubes

Audiozen Tredici - Perspex cover

Audiozen chooses fine tubes manufactured by the best brands of that time through trusted suppliers worldwide.

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Audiozen Tredici

tube preamplifier
  • NOS tubes: 2 x ECC82 (or equivalent)
  • Line inputs: 4 x RCA - Main output: 1 x RCA
  • Input impedance: 100 KΩ
  • Output impedance and gain: < 600 Ω - 17 dB
  • Toroidal transformers: 2 x 50 VA
  • Audio capacitors: 4 x ClarityCap CSA series
  • Remote control: included
  • Available finishes: silver & black
  • Main unit dimensions and weight: 248x138x245mm (WxHxD) – 3,2 Kg.
  • PSU dimensions and weight: 240x98x245mm (WxHxD) – 4 Kg.
NOS tubes